Attach:D080_070624RememberingTinAlberdino.jpg Δ | Demonstration of greeting older people

What counts for children, maybe even counts more for parents and grandparents; they're being honoured. Older people are greeted by bringing the hand of the other to the head. On this picture the 76 year old 'tin' Alberdino explains this to me, as if I am the older person.

Attach:D080_070810RememberingGrandParents.jpg Δ | Remembering grandparents

Some have a very special bond with their grandparents like this woman. Her parents died soon after she was born and she was raised by her grandparents.

Most houses have a centralized series of pictures on the wall with special places and people

Attach:D080_070810RememberingParents.jpg Δ | Remembering Attach:D080_070810RememberingThePast.jpg Δ | Remembering

Attach:D080_070810RememberingTheArmy.jpg Δ | Remembering the army

In one house I've seen pictures of dad joining the army.

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