To make insert tiles thinner and produce them more effective to achieve an acurate fit for the wooden ring connectors

Attach:D038_070625Exp1Tiles1.jpg Δ | Parts to cast disk from candle wax/clay mix Ok, there we go. Take the accurately round wooden disk, wrap the sheet metal strip around it, fasten the strip on the wood with the rubber strip. The conical wooden plug fits on the pin in the center, the plug has something attached to turn it around. Screws as you see.

Attach:D038_070625Exp1Tiles2.jpg Δ | Casting mould filled with wax-clay mix Heat up the tin with the wax/clay mix so it becomes fluid like honey. Poor it on the bottom of the cast mould. Press the conical wooden plug down in the mix, so it pours over.

Attach:D038_070625Exp1Tiles3.jpg Δ | Parts to cast disk from candle wax/clay mix After solidifying of the wax, remove the rubber, then the strip. Cut the disk loose from the bottom. Remove the wooden cone by tapping it with a hammer in the right direction.

Attach:D038_070625Exp1Tiles4.jpg Δ | Nail thin battens around the paper template On the paper template the right size for the each tile is marked. Wide for the valve box, square for the pipes. Fix thin battens to the board with a half-down driven nail. Hammer 1 inch nails into the wood at the indicated spots, then pull them out and replace these nails with bicycle spokes. 8 spokes for the wide tile, 4 spokes for the square tile.

Attach:D038_070625Exp1Tiles5.jpg Δ | Bent wire around spokes, insert loops Wire recuperated from a car tire is used for reinforcing the tile. This wire has been heated red hot to soften it and to burn of remains of rubber. This to assure a good adherence for the cement. The wire is bent closely around the spokes. Use both hands to achieve this. Two rounds of wire are enough. The pattern of wire for the wide tile sometimes ask for accepting 4 wires from spoke to spoke.
Study the picture how the cross wires are inserted. Fold a short end double in a U-shape. Insert this U in a way that both its legs clamp the circular wires at the opposite side.

Attach:D038_070625Exp1Tiles6.jpg Δ | The wire pattern around the spokes is very simple to do The wire pattern for the square tile is more simple. It just goes around the four spokes. The winding starts and ends with bending the wire 180 degrees around the spoke. Then cut off the remaining wire.

Attach:D038_070625Exp1Tiles7.jpg Δ | Parts to cast disk from candle wax/clay mix Dit is de vierkante tegel die klaar is. Na een dagje uitharden worden eerst de lange spaken er draaiend uit getrokken. Daarna worden de vier hoekspijkers er uit getrokken. De tegel kan dan van het plasic getild. Na een weekje vochtig opgeborgen te zijn is de tegel sterk genoeg. Maar zelfs na een enkele dag is de tegel al voldoende sterk om in de beton ingegoten te worden.

Attach:D038_070619Tile2RemovingWaxCore.jpg Δ | Remove wax after concrete has set Text, no more then 4 lines.

Attach:namefilepicture Δ | Caption picture Text, no more then 4 lines.

Attach:namefilepicture Δ | Caption picture Text, no more then 4 lines.

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