Attach:D038_070708_TileExerimentUpSideDown1.jpg Δ | Start of the experiment It appeared to be hard to create a flat surface with plastic on any surface. On planed wood it's possible, but expensive. This experiment is the other way around. The plastic surface is made very rough on purpose. This might enhance the connectivity with the rest of the tube as well.

Attach:D038_070708_TileExerimentUpSideDown2.jpg Δ | Positioning bows of iron wire To position the ring in the center four bows of iron wire were punched through the plastic. This can be done with a PDF mold in the future. Using spaken is not possible because of the later flattening work by hand.

Attach:D038_070708_TileExerimentUpSideDown3.jpg Δ | Adding more wire To increase hairiness more iron wire is punched through the plastic into the sand.

Attach:D038_070708_TileExerimentUpSideDown4.jpg Δ | Iron wire fiber reinforcement

Because it's not possible to use spaken a woven nor wounded reinforcement is possible. Some 8 meters of iron wire is cut up into pieces of 4 cm and is mixed in the concrete (1 cement - 3 sand)

Attach:D038_070708_TileExerimentUpSideDown5.jpg Δ | Making a flat surface with the spoon

The experiment was to try to make a flat surface by hand. To avoid wooden beams that need the exact right height it was tried without. This seemed impossible because the concrete flows away. With wooden beams that have the incorrect height is not possible neither to create a flat surface. Conclusion: it's not an alternative.

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