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Jos and Joost, students of the 'InHolland Universty in Delft did research on growing algae on urine. They developed the Wiki Research structure.
Jos and Joost also removed loads of dust and pigeon shit while creating their apartment high up in the squat 'Landbouwbelang', they participated in our theater festival 'Plankenkoorts' and were guest-cooks in the 'Hoenderstraat eetcafe'.

Students Frankenstraat

Hans Haas tought people from Demotech how to thatch, that is how to repair or make new thatch roofs. Together we repaired quiet a large part of the thatch roof over our workshop. Not enough for our landlord, the municipality of Rheden, that ousted us in 2004. Hans Haas gave background to Demotech's ideas about crafts with his action research on the way people lived in the Stone Ages.

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