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What is the Say It Is Possible Campaign about?

The Say It Is Possible Campaign is a media campaign inspired by Demotech, design for self-reliance and their current field project in Guatemala. It is an interactive space for projects and initiatives around the world to speak up about what it is they are doing to make a better world possible. The Campaign now centers on a design initiative to celebrate the potential beauty of Home Work.

The design initiative is Demotech's StorageStools concept. This is a highly innovative design for a stool built from bamboo, cloth, scrap metal and wood, which was developed in cooperation with the women's group in San Jose, Guatemala. By working together with local women, Demotech has designed an esthetic, comfortable, and useful stool for those women to build at home.

But the design goes further. By making the stool the way the local women want it, this stool is responding directly to their personal desires. The StorageStools design empowers those women to take charge of their own comfort, and gives them a valuable set of skills in the process. Building these stools and selling them at the local market, these women can earn an independent living and a steady income, on their own terms.

The Say It Is Possible Campaign is a celebration of innovation and creativity as a way of making life around the world nicer to live. By showcasing our contribution, the campaign aims to draw out other innovative answers to life's challenges. We want to show that real change is possible, and it can happen fast.

The Campaign in Two Sentences:

Say It Is Possible!
Empowerment through Home work towards a sustainable future

The Say It Is Possible Campaign promotes home work as a way for people everywhere to gain control of their incomes, and to enjoy their lives and work. By making home work better, we aim to inspire more ideas about how to improve our lives with our own hands.

Bram and Chintu, one an engineer and anthropologist, the other a marketing student, are going to San Jose in Guatemala. Between them, they are carying a stool made from bamboo and cloth which is designed to change people's lives. This website records their journey towards sustainability, bringing lifestyle improving technology, which anybody in the world would enjoy, to the people who can use it the most.

In the Netherlands, Reinder van Tijen is taking his newest design, the StorageStool around to festivals and workshops. With the help of a group of local students, he is giving people the opportunity to build the stools themselves. They hope to give people a feeling of the joy of working with your hands on improving your life. They want to help people see that what is enjoyed in Guatemala can be enjoyed here in the rich world too; making something yourself can be nicer than buying it. This website tracks their progress.

Without help or money, the Nyakwangata Women's group in Kenya also want stools. Adapting the idea to their local materials, these women are picking up on the idea that they can improve their own lives by working together to produce comfort, beauty and nice homes.

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