About the use of mindmaps in the Demotech website;

The introduction of mindmaps (see Wikipedia for introduction) is to provide and experiment with a more intuitive way of searching and exploring the information and data we have on our website. For a start they will be placed in the content fields of the three main categories of the website. A basic example can be found on http://www.demotech.org/index2.php.

                                          Stijn, 27-03-2007 

Thoughts on the mindmap;

  • Text in mindmap picture is not translated with Babel (anybody knows a solution?)
  • Main term (f.e. re-design) in the middle.
  • Icons instead of basic shapes used now. Icons not to (busy/ chaotic) to keep overview.
  • Use of hierarchy in the mindmap to support website structure
  • Watch out with assuming that everybody knows what mindmaps are about and what should be done when encountering one. Text with explanation about the page the user is visiting above the mindmap helps for text oriented users. As well provide a link to an explanation about how and why of the mindmap.
  • Making a design page about the mindmap.
  • Use known definitions as much as possible

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