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Webdesign: Forum

Structure forum

Three main categories

 - About Demotech
 - Re-design
 - Think and Write
   - sustainability
   - water and sanitation
   - demotech publications
   - ...
      Designs and specific topics
      - Inconvenient Truth
      - Ram pump
      - Technology for Ten Billion people
      - ...
      Each consists of;
      Introduction to design or topic with picture
      The comments/ posts

The forum items that are now visible at the bottom of the design pages will disappear and are replaced with proper and really clear links to the correct place on the forum. One click should be sufficient to post your message!

Most important things still to finish on the website;

 - forum
 - mindmaps
 - content
 - layout

After this the focus should be on;

 - promoting Demotech on Forums, 
 - answering mails, questions and posts
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