Questions by Reinder/ Stijn and answers by Florian on the draft proposal he sent.

> What would be the advantage of using dark blue over the use of black for font, looks?

A reduction of the contrast between background and font can help not to get tired while reading large texts. If the contrast is too small it's also stressful for the eyes. I have chosen dark blue in this case in order to harmonize the font with the rest.

> Maybe you have some ideas on transforming this logo into a more modern/ abstract one?

I think there is a possibility to redesign the logo to make it work more as a sign.

But perhaps not to have any explicit logo could be also a way. A statement: that knowledge doesn't have any brand. If there is a strong definition of colours and structure Demotech gets a face and it could work as well. What do you think?

> Maybe the color themes (not necessarily the same colors) can come back in your proposal?

To code the topics with different colors is a good idea. And I want to try to find some colors which fit in the main color choice. Often when you use to much different colors "the face" gets lost. If it's not really necessary to use colors, when the structure is clear enough and the user get a feedback in which category he is, I would take the colors off.

> How do you see the menu items integrated into the setup you proposed? Is there a possibility to do this with a menu on the left or would you advice a top menu?

It's easier to understand a webpage if the different parts (Navigation, Content) are strict apart. The extra information of the right menu I would place in the content part, the search tool in the navigation part.

Top- or left-menu? The left-menu has a lot of advantages. It's near to the index of contents we know from books (we learnt how to use them), it's scaleable (existing right-menu can be integrated much better), it gives you more possibilities to show the commend structure - if you don't want to use a pull-down-menu.

> Constructing the website

First I think it's necessary to proof what kind of system Demotech will use. I think to combine the two parts of Demotech ( and the wiki-page) in one system is economic (only one layout to build) and for a self contained presentation necessary. I never worked with a wiki-system. But I always interested to learn how it works. If pmwiki also use a CSS based template I could do the basic layout.

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