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  • Organizing home-based workers in the global economy: An action-research approach
    Source ID21, author Ruth Pearson
    This article describes an action-research project which has the multiple objectives of mapping the range of home-based work in different countries, investigating the ways in which such work is embodied in local or international production chains, and developing a methodology which will facilitate the establishment of sustainable organizations of home-based workers. The article focuses mainly on Latin America and in Eastern Europe, though the project is also active in India and has begun to explore the possibilities of working in China.
  • Home workers – paying the price of ‘free’ trade
    Source ID21, author Annie Delaney, date 26 July 2005\\?Trade liberalization leads to declining working conditions and contributes to the expansion of informal labour with limited stability or regulation. The world’s three hundred million women home workers are the most vulnerable. Can they organize collectively to improve their working lives?
Home workers fall into two categories:

dependent workers who are paid piece rates and usually produce for a subcontractor, or intermediary companies in a contract chain. In addition, independent or ‘ownaccount ’ workers produce goods for direct sale through street stalls, shops, or the local village. They themselves determine what products they make and where they sell them. http://www.id21.org/zinter/id21zinter.exe?a=0&i=s7cad1g1&u=463a6861

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