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NightReader, study-light with LED's: Marketing the NightReader
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Marketing the NightReader

Marketing the NightReader, a suggestion for a different kind of introduction of new product
In the strategy note "Vision Entrepeneurship after 9/11" the marketing of a new product, in this case the NightReader, is envisioned different from normal. These days new ideas emerged how an environmentaly sound way of marketing could be organized and -not superfluous- tested. The underlaying strategy note can be found by clicking here.

Localize marketing
First in line in the marketing initiative are the initiative groups. Initiative groups have a similar ability as design offices for product develoment. Apart from that, they trust their ability to take an independant initiative for product development.
Sharing their progress through Internet, the initiative groups wants their product idea later to be locally produced, smallest scale, in a franchize-like managment setup. To get there, they start with consultation of user organizations. To make such a consultation properly relate to locally felt needs, discussions are supported by mock-up's or first prototypes, brought in by an initiative group.
In this consultation a high value is attached to be able to adapt such a mock-up or protype at the spot to clarify new ideas, also if brought in from the side of the users. This ability to work in a local environment with local means partly replaces the usual ability of designers, to make product presentations as expected by people in charge of sales or finance.
In the course of such consultations, Demotech trusts the users need not be leaded by salebility, but will respond to actual and potential functionality. It is our experience, that consultations enriched by local experimentation gives an enormous boost to further development. It will also reduce the break-off risk any product initiative has.

Local test-production
In case of the NightReader product development we consider to go one step further in this consultation approach. Concentrating on functionality, in case of the NightReader the ability to illuminate a part of a book page, we will try to adapt the design for the NightReader as to be locally test-produced in a series of a few hundred pieces. We want to make it possibel that this can be done at short notice.
This production test will be realistic as far as product and production is concerned, but will get some financial support to get of the ground. It is envisioned, that in a follow-up phase this test-production will be replaced by a more effective and mature method of production developed in cooperation with the production groups, who's task it is to localize production through a franchize setup.

NightReader, study-light with LED's: Marketing the NightReader
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